Death by Your Own Hands

by Rafael Navarro   Nov 17, 2005

You say everything around you is fading
You don't know what this emotion is creating
It makes you afraid, and lonely
This burden you say you cant bare
You think this isn't fair
Nothing is fair
Nothing ever is
So you decide you will take your own life
So you try and start carving away with your knife
Blood running down your arm
Tears down your face
Hoping for something else to take your place
As the flesh tears so does your will and your heart
Your very soul and essence torn apart
Returning to the cold and dark of emptiness
A state which has a grasp so tight
you've gone to far and you have lost all sight
You feel there is no use no reason to fight
So you decide to let go nothing else will hurt after this
Just a few more seconds and inches to bliss
Feeling death icy lips press against you and kiss
But what good will that do
Your leading yourself to a path of darkness
People around do care
Others will help others will share
You have to give it time
Don't be impatient
There is a way
Don't be a coward, please try to stay


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