Do you think of me

by Dee   Nov 25, 2005

When the morning sun comes up
Do I ever cross your mind
Do you ever think about
The days we left behind

Do you ever look at her
And remember how we used to be
Do you ever long for
Me loving you and you loving me

Do you ever think about
Our Saturday night yahtzee match
Or the day I tried
To give the cat a bath

Do you ever think about
Fishing at the lake
And making that nasty mixture
They call Catfish Bait.

Do you remember the day
My dog almost drowned
Down there in the lake
Where we were fooling around

Do you remember
The day they sunk our boat
You pumped out all the water
And kept our dreams afloat

Do you remember
When the VDOT truck got stuck
Trying to rescue us from
The blizzard of stranded love

Do you remember
Sitting by the pellet stove
With blankets wrapped around us
Sheltering us from the cold

Do you remember
The nights we snuggled up
Although many years have passed
I still reminisce about our love

I did not know I had it
Until I walked away
I still dream about you
And I long for yesterday

I burned my bridges
When I said goodbye
There is nothing I can do now
To turn back the hands of time

But when you look into her eyes
Is she all that you can see
Or do you sometimes feel
A little piece of me

Is she a replacement
Of the love we once knew
Or is she the best thing
Ever happening to you

If you still think about me
Do not let silence win this war
Find a way back to me
So I can love you like before

Overcome the uncertainty
That is keeping us apart
And let me walk back to you
And give you all my heart

Do you love her like you loved me
Are you happier now than ever
Did you forget about me
And the storms we once weathered

Have you moved on with your life
And closed the door to your heart
Are you and I over
Will we forever be apart

Please tell me the answer
A simple yes or no will do
Say yes that you love me
Or say no and we are through!


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