I'm tired of your lies

by Marjorie   Nov 26, 2005

I love you, but only as a friend now
I already got over you,somewhere,somehow
I guess I have to leave before our love will fade
You see it lasted short than it was longer made
I never really expected that we'd depart from each other
In my mind,"You and me" would mean forever
But "you and me" meant just more than that
It meant a lot of pain,we're gone and that's that
We're over,We're now through
It hurts so much to break up with u
We had something special, but you couldn't see
The time and love I gave to thee
I'm fed up with all your schemes
And I can't cry no more..hard as it may seem
I'm tired of holding on, when I know there's no use
I'm sick of all your lies and lame excuse
I hope you can forgive me for leaving without goodbye
I don't want to work this out I'm *u***i** tired to try
Sorry for everything,everything there is
but right now... I'm sorry that's all there is


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