Student Teacher Relationship

by Pruedence   Jan 3, 2006

I love the days when i come to your class
the lessons just seem to go so fast
The look in your eyes when you look at me
it was like you saw something in me no one else could see

Asking me to come by after class
with the excuse of extra work or task
i know its wrong but i just cant stop
late at night till the school starting to lock

feeling your hand slide down my back
you take me home and we get in the sack
irresistible kisses in an empty classroom
keeping an eye out in case the teachers come back soon

one day after school
i felt like a complete fool
when another teacher walked in
she saw us making out what a sin!

she saw your hand on my spine
OMG! what a crime
she saw your lips upon my own
so i ran as fast as i could to my home

i sat down at home and sat and thought
about all the things my parents had taught
about the relationships with men
and how there not all like Barbie doll Ken

the phone rang and i new that it was her
to ask me to come down to school so we could talk about sir
i sat down in her office chair
i ran a hand through my messed up hair

she asked me questions about what we'd done
i said not much it was just for fun
she told me to leave not see him again
like that'll happen as i walked home in the rain

i no longer see him except for class
only in the hallways if we pass
i give him a grin and he gives me a wink
all i have to do is stop and think
of what we had was a special link
and then hes gone in the second of a blink!


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