by Rican Chemistry   Jan 13, 2006

I told you how I felt
All you did was breathe
You asked me if I was sure, that
If I really wanted it, you would leave

I thought about my girls
And I knew that they were right
I couldnt keep on doing this
And keep crying at night

I admit it was so hard
To tell you that we were done
I thought that eventually
I would be your number one

But I realized that day
I could never truly have you
You will never be just mine
That’s why I did what I had to do

You pushed me against the bed
With your knee spread my legs apart
You told me that no matter what
I would always be in your heart

You laid yourself on me
And looked into my eyes
If this is what you want
Than I will stop all of these lies

I will turn and walk away
I will leave you to be
I wont kiss your lips again
Or make love to you passionately

I closed my eyes and spoke
“I dont want to love you anymore”
As soon as that last word left my lips
My whole body went sore

You looked at me and smiled
“You and I had something good”
I said “no it was only you
That never could understood”

You kissed my lips so hard
I can still feel the pressure
And I cant deny that what I felt
Was just full of pleasure

And you pulled my towel off
You touched me everywhere
You told me that this last time
With no one else will it compare

That no one will make me scream
The way that you would that day
That no one could be any better
Or make the memory fade away

And you made love to me that day
In a way you never did before
I couldn’t deny myself the pleasure
Of taking what was instore

I let you slide in me
For I knew it would be the last time
I let you kiss me everywhere
So that I could record it on my mind

You kept asking me if I was sure
That if I really wanted to leave this behind
It kept breaking my heart to tell you
That this would be the last time

It was like with every thrust you made
You wanted to prove me wrong
You wanted me to love it so
That I would want it all life long

And when you finally collapsed on me
Spent and all worn out
You looked into my eyes and said
So I guess this is what its about

I turned around and looked away
I couldnt keep looking at you
Because if you looked at me one more time
I would had told you I loved you

I closed my eyes and prayed to God
“Give me strength to keep still
Please God don’t leave me now
I don’t want my heart to spill”

I heard you picking up your clothes
I heard you getting dressed
And with every breath you took
I felt myself getting depressed

Silent tears fell down my face
As I heard you closed the door
I said goodbye through gritted teeth
My heart slowly breaking more

One last time I called your name
But no answer was ever heard
No reply ever came
Not one single word

Im sorry that I couldnt hold on
I just couldnt keep crying
But now that you are gone
All I feel like is dying


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Latest Comments

  • 12 years ago

    by Ladida

    Dam! You painted a perfect picture of exactly what happened. But I think you made the right choice for sure. I know it sounds kinda dumb but I wish I could have that last time with my ex, I never got it and it makes me a little angry. Beautiful poem sweetie and I hope you stay strong! Lotsa love!

  • 12 years ago

    by .DrEaM*cOmE*tRuE.

    Aw.. that poem really touchedd mee... wow.. that was absolutly amazing!!... be strong hunn!!, you'll make it... wow that brought tears to my eyes, your so strong to be making that final decision.. i could never do it!!.. 5/5