Not good enough for him

by Rican Chemistry   Nov 29, 2009

I've never had to beg
For the warmth of a man
It just hasn't been an issue before
So maybe that is why I don't understand

Am I doing something wrong?
Is it him, or is it me?
Making me doubt myself,
Cutting slow but deeply

It eats at me inside
Why does it hurt so much?
Why should I cry to myself
Just because I crave his touch?

Why should I feel like its wrong
If I want to share his bed?
Wanting something
And getting absolutely nothing instead.

Then when another man gives the attention
The loving that he lacks
They call you weak, look down on you,
And are quick to attack

When and if it was taken care of
Women would not wonder about
Looking for what should be there
Trying to figure this all out

I am not saying I will stray
But I see how that could be
Why pretend its all OK
When you are really unhappy

And if its not one thing is another
There is always something to excuse
Makes me feel like I am not enough
Or more simply, of no use

Words written on paper
For spoken, they mean nothing
Like talking to a brick wall
Begging for scraps of anything

Cold and lonely in my bed
Yet plenty covers and not alone
So unconcerned of what I may feel
Like laying next to a stone

Never thought I would be writing
About my man not wanting me
So embarrassing to think
I'm just not good enough for him


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Latest Comments

  • 10 years ago

    by Spanish Star

    Loved the poem, but hope this isnt true, cause any man that makes u feel like that doesnt deserve ur attention or feelings. And if that is the case..forget him and move on..

  • 10 years ago

    by Poetess

    I hope this isn't truee.
    cuz i never seen you doubt yourself like that, you're 100x stonger than that. any nobody, no man can ever take that from you. tu eres bella! inside and out and iii love youu.
    guys that are like that towards women just don't deserve anyone at all.

  • 10 years ago

    by Baby Rainbow

    That's really sad, you have expressed this well I could picture all the scenes happening. I think if someone is truly unhappy and things don't change then there is just another place they are meant to be. life is too short for settling for anything less than you deserve. xxx

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