The outside world

by nevergiveup   Jan 14, 2006

The outside world

Alone in the corner,
No-one to hold her.
No-one to share with all her fears,
All the dark memories of the past few years.

Sitting in her bed,
So many bad thoughts filled her head.
Sometimes it would get so bad,
She would wish she were dead.

Bruises faded from her arms,
But not too long before another would appear.
All she could do was stay calm,
And live everyday with great fear.

Beaten, starved, tortured, broken,
All these things and the many more which remain unspoken
She was scared, couldn't step out of line once,
Otherwise she would get another punch

No-one could help this little girl,
They just watched and stared whilst her precious world,
Came crumbling down in front of her, leaving her to pick up the pieces.
This game was far from finished.

Living the lie,
The girl would try, try so very hard just to hide, her every thought from the real world.
She didn't know her clever moves,
Nobody knew the truth,
About how she was really treated.

She didn't deserve it,
To get screamed at, hurt and hit.
But she lived with it.
Now black and blue,
She decides to let her true,
Colours show.

The outside world knew nothing of the nightmare played out behind closed doors.


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  • 13 years ago

    by nevergiveup

    This is the first poem ive written on here, please put comments because i like to know how good you all think i am.


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