by nevergiveup   Jan 15, 2006

The knifes at hand,
ready to land,
bang on my heart,
ill throw it like a dart.

ill do it real fast,
so i will not regret any of my past.
ill stab myself and cut myself,
to see how much it bleeds.
Even if they pain is unbearable,
i will not stop, ill keep on doing it.

its all your fault,
cant you see?
its obvious that you,
do not care at all about me.

So this is my letter I'm sending you, i hope you realize,
that behind my mask and disguise, nothing that i have said is true, i have been living a lie.

so i must stop it,
it doesn't matter what you say.
i cannot take it one more day.
I'm ending this, okay?

The knifes in my hand,
ready to land,
ouch, my poor heart,
i threw it like a dart.


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  • 12 years ago

    by LinkinParkFreak

    This was amazing......5/5 for sure!? keep on writtng , i look forward to new work from you...:)

  • 12 years ago

    by Natasha

    Excellent, brilliant, beautiful, painful, powerful, great, best you've ever writtin.... what did I forget... o yeah I loved it!

    hope you are well,

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