Untitled...I was jut playin 'round

by Rican Chemistry   Jan 21, 2006

I aint trying to be his girl, I'm just having fun in this world, all I am trying to say today, is that he always finds his way, back over to my place, well what does that tell you, that he like what I do, that I dont even have to ask him to, he come over straight on cue, now aint that a shame, nii99a callin out my name, making love to u to him, is just not the same. Cus he has his fly girl, the one that shakes his world, the one that has him wantin more, baby girl please, I aint a tease, I just kno how to lay it down with ease, I kno when to show, when to let go, its all on the timing yo, I kno where to kiss him to please him, to tease him, when to let the lights dim, girl I dont want your man, try to understand, all I do is take him to fantasyland...and yeah some of you may say imma h0e, little do u kno, i dont act in that kind show, i keep my shi+ on the down low...me and him is just for kicks, no silly tricks, so go ahead call me a pri(k, but i'll be the one fu(king that di(k, and u be all wantin some of this shi+...i dont even kno why im actin like this, this aint even my kind of diz...something new to hiss, with this I take my dismiss...

LOLZ Ok so I was just being stupid...and well I was just trying something different, I guess I cant rap, I rather stick to poetry instead of rap...lolz love ya and thnx


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  • 12 years ago

    by dora

    Hey great j0b with this. different but still really g0od keep it up

    l0ve always d0ra

  • 12 years ago

    by BeautifulDisaster

    Haha well hellooo rapping homie lmao, i cant rap either but it doesent stop me from trying yaaaa
    peace homie dawgg