When U Realize

by Brit   Feb 4, 2006

Friends are very special,
They mean everything
You moved from everyone
You only talk to her
You never kept your word
Now you mean nothing
Nothing to me
Thanks to you
the way,
you treated me
The way I feel about you now
isn't worth a penny
When you realize your doing
you might ask how
When you realize your doing
You will realize the friendship
We had and now it's all over
All you have is her now
Becuz your selfish
All you care about is your feelings now
I remember you
as the person who
stuck up for all her peeps
now the only person I seek
in you
is a stuck up little B****
who only cares for her
You will one day
realize our friendship
has gone away
no friendship
you will soon realize
it was all your fault!!!


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