by bex   Feb 12, 2006

If you talk sentimental words, I'll take notes
Lines taken from the worst songs but said in the best ways
I'd like to be spontaneous but you said it was a fine art
We know all your excuses
You can't stand for nothing
I saw you drawing on your shoes
A cartoon of a boy & girl
It made me smile but you were crying
Even those tears were not your own
Red flags are for war & white are to surrender
A parade, flashes of colour
Choose a side
Stand or fall
Consult your books
Underneath it all your skin is covered in marks
Page references & coupons
A stolen medallion around your neck
Trademarks of your schemes
Your name is just a catchphrase
Full of outgoing panache
Of course you're in fancy dress
The queen of the ball
Like everything that's been & gone, but you have a lasting kick
Refusal to go down without a fight
Your quirks work to an advantage
You stay at a safe distance from the critics & reporters
Scandal all around
Take the alley passage
Can't be condemned if no-one knows
Stick to what you know
Your prints


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