Heartbreak Day

by Danielle Gagnon   Feb 15, 2006

Happy Heartbreak Day,
You know its the best,
You know its the day,
That puts your heart to the test

The Look on his face,
The Words he says,
Break your half healed heart,
Again you feel.

That pain he caused,
On that tragic day,
It was fun, It was grand
But when i had to see you
It all turned bland

Please if its what u want,
Just go away,
Make my bleeding heart,
Cease for just one day,

Only when u want to say,
Another thing, stab at my heart,
Just to see the look on my face,
The Shatteredm Bleeding heart.
That pain u see, It what u love
You just want to see,
The broken winged dove bleed.


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