Why you too?

by Danielle Gagnon   Feb 15, 2006

I see those slashes on your arm,
And now you too have fallen to the razors charms.

Your problems linger,
My problems never fade,

My problems Stay,
Your problems go,
Your life is better,
Better that you know

So why must you do this too?
You must be weak?
I must be strong?
If i can stop this self harm?

Down in the gutter,
I've Lost my mind

But I cant stop,
Neither can you?
I just don't know
What i should do.

It hurts me now that i know,
you cant tell, but only show

Your problems carved into your skin,
Talk to me please, and let me in,
I want to know, I want you to feel,
Relief and love,
Instead of Cold, Cold Steel.

The razors our love, yes it's true,
But what if you and I could be something to?


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