The boy in the window

by bex   Feb 20, 2006

I saw him in the window, dark hair, rich skin.
Eyes matching shades of blue, clouded over.
We smiled and laughed but not to each other, like half a world away we were.
Knowing him through face not name, I cared for him to stay.
Let's run away without these reflections, it was no use.
He never knew.
I saw a boy I knew but we did not say a word, I touched his lips.
That familiar grin across his boyish charms.
He grew on me over the years, but apart we sat as though complete strangers.
I caught his eye and kept it clear.
He held me close but not in this lifetime.
This day would challenge all.
I asked the time and not your name, my own foolish mistake but it took the best of me to look to your face.
I kept my favourite parts of you locked inside my locket, to remind me of then and now.
The scene has shed its summer and this year's spring has spread its smile.
Out writing hasn't changed but our words were full of colour.
Bold and boastful right from the beginning.
The rain awoke our dreams and rinsed them clean
His head hangs low unlike last year.
Sweet blue eye lost his touch.
Wash away his window smear.
Leave my seat.
He let me past.
My wave settles our goodbye.


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