Early Night

by bex   Feb 26, 2006

Turning me inside out, can you see rightly?
all the riddles you never figured out, are they within me?
I caught all your fevers and shielded your honour
I think I need an early night

pulling out my splinters, but the scratch still stings
those tweezers were blunt; you love to see me squirming
I held onto your notions and tended to your problems
I think we need an early night

arguing the pros and cons, lay your point into me
words so sharp that I took notice, jaw jarring so discreetly
I heard the whispers that you left me
I think this calls for an early night

grasping hold of memories, each few and far between
coated in this broken sheen, but your smiles still project in my head
up late nights frowning
I can't bare these sleepless nights


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Latest Comments

  • 12 years ago

    by Kirsty

    Well....what can i say!!
    this one really touched me
    as always with you though :P
    i just thought it was so emotional and you could feel each word
    well done huni
    remember chin up ;) k?
    im here if you need me
    lovies xxxxxxxxx

  • 12 years ago

    by Emily parsons

    hunny this one is so sad...
    I like the ending to each stanza
    ....Lovely to read