Happiness' Little Sister

by bex   Mar 1, 2006

Today I saw my friend, happiness' little sister
We wore wigs and spoke in accents, just like any other day
All in aid as practice for the play.

We paid a visit, little one and I, to the girl they named misery
She wallowed in her self pitying ways, just like any other day
Maybe she'll be main role if her world was a stage.

Phone calls to love and lust were always interrupted, busy lives they lead
While envy spent her time, made us cling onto each word
Glad to be in company of happiness' little sister

Letters to justice, plenty gone astray and found themselves with happiness' little sister
Each reply she wrote down through the sun rays and fatigue
Working her sibling heritage on notepads and scraps of paper
Later finding envelopes on the doorsteps of my neighbourhood

Today I saw my friend, happiness' little sister
Looking more drained than pure, nothing about her fit quite right
Ink stains on her sleeves and eyes lined with bags of night
Smile draped across her lips, slipping to the beneath
Crying out, she found someone who made happiness take leave
Left to take the bulk of grey town sorrows
Happiness' little sister, left broken beyond belief


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  • 12 years ago

    by Kirsty

    I love it
    made me think lots
    so sad
    well done bexie poos
    lovies ya xxxxxxxxxxx