Sweet Light Of Day

by Kayla Haffner   Mar 3, 2006

Nightmares loom across my day
Night comes there they stay
New fears bloom
When you enter my room
I hear you heaving
So I stop my breathing
You know I'm here now I can't hide
I'll keep my cries locked up inside
You approach my bed
Scream inside my head
Cold hands across my breast
Must be still, collapse my chest
Clammy fingers grope even lower
Now your breath comes slower
Protesting in silent cries
Through the eyes of god despise
Feeling you in all the wrong places
Blocking all the haunting faces
Crying in my sleep
Awake praying I'll weep
Please leave me alone
Yet my tears can't be shown
I squeeze my eyes tight
And await mornings light
For the sweet light of day
Always scares him away


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