The painful truth

by ..eliSa*   Mar 4, 2006

You make me happy when there's no reason to smile.
Call me crazy for keeping it held inside for this long
But I can't do this to you, or do it to myself.
I can't take the chance of causing any relationships to go wrong.
I would give a heartbeat to be held in your arms.
I wish I could spend a day gazing into your eyes.
I may make my emotions a little bit obvious,
But for the love I feel for you there is no disguise.
I keep telling myself that theres hope,
Hope that you'll feel the same.
But lying to myself has done nothing-
It's done nothing but cause bitter pain.
I know I could have prevented myself
From becoming so attached to you,
But when your feelings point you one way,
What's your heart to do?
When I'm around you,
I feel butterflies inside.
But then I realize that I can't have you
And I only want to break down and cry.
I know that no man
is worth a single drop of my tears,
But there's something about you
That makes every tear worth the fears.
Fears that one day you'll find the truth,
And be pulled away from me.
Fear that one day you'll realize,
That we were never meant to be.


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  • 12 years ago

    by RainbowSlider

    Reality is hard to deal with at times. :)