Never Say It Unless You Mean It

by *lil*pimpett* from *HrK*   Mar 11, 2006

The title explans it all..

dont say "I LOVE YOU" to your boi friend/ gurl friend unless you mean it and you noe your not sayin it cuz they say it to you..if you say "I LOVE YOU" to your boi or gurl act like you mean it or dont say it al all so nobody gets hurt."I LOVE YOU" is a strong sayin to say.. if you "LOVE" the person than you would say "I LOVE YOU" to he/she and actually mean it.. unlike sum people that i noe..i said "I LOVE YOU" to my x-boi friend and he said "I LOVE YOU" backe to me to.. but he didnt mean it cuz he ended up breakin my heart and juss threw everything away..he act like i didnt exsces but all im sayin is dont say "I LOVE YOU" to the person your with unless you mean only 15 years old.. and i said "I LOVE YOU" to my x-boi friend.. but look at me right now.. i got heart broken by him and im hear telling you peoples not to say it unless you mean it.. i dont noe the meaning of "LOVE" im to young to be in "LOVE" im only 15 years old.. but i say it cuz i do mean it.. yeah i dont noe the meaning of "LOVE" who dose?? but i did "LOVE" him.. and all he did was hurt me and throw me to the crub.. so yeah.. juss tellin you now.. watch wat you say cuz you never noe wats going to happen.. juss got to wait till the right guy walks in your life.. wait for a little bit long because at the age 15 you dont noe nothing.. trust me you dont.. your barley becomeing an adult.. and your barley takeing care of your self.. so plz juss wait and think bout this..


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