Name In My Arm

by Danielle Gagnon   Mar 16, 2006

Your name again will be in my arm
Tonight u see, is night for Razors charms
I\'ve been good, oh yes i have
Not a drop of blood since winters shadow was cast.

But now its time
Been long over due
Since my blood ran free and true

The scar got old
It can barely be seen
Tonight I will make sure
It never leaves

I will cut so deep
It will always be the first scar that anyone sees

Your four letter name already in my arm
Those feelings i had havent left me yet
After a year of crying and theft

Your still in my mind
After this night everyone will know
how much i loved you and how little you know

Love to me never dies
Love to me stays alive

Love to you is full of lies
Love to you is just breaking lives

So tonight my arm will show what you did not
Tonight my arm is a slicing block
Come to me and tell me lies
They will be there till in the ground I lye


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  • 12 years ago

    by emptily whole

    WOW!!honey this is amaaaazing!i love u soo much..u helped me thru evrything nd i want u 2 no im prepared 2 help u aswell.this poem is too touching but i hope u didnt cut!!i love u soo much nd hope ur ok!:) xxxxx

  • 12 years ago

    by Fallen~Tears

    Wow amazing poem i absolutley loved it.. Please comment and rate my poems also


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