by megan   Mar 21, 2006

My friends call me coke
But you may know me as cocain
but either way im shot into ur vains
i make u bleed i make u cry
but no matter wut i take the pain inside
you drowned out ur loved ones
and listen to me
because im ur bodys fantasy
i make u weak i make u tiried
but you'll always love me more
more than your own child
i take ur money and snort it away
i make u think theirs no turning back cause i've poked u so deep
you can't revive that
you've stole from friends and family too
now they don't want nothing to do with u
so think real hard and think real deep
cause i want you to fall to a forever sleep
im worse than abortion
i kill after their born
because someone took me in and held me close and let me poison their mind
with my cane
now their child suffers from being an addict of the vain
so what can i say im just as popular as the preps and with one day with me i'll get u hooked and make u regret
so far in you'll wanna say
i wish i weren't lying here stiff as a board
lookin at my frineds wonderin---
why are they cryin i'll be ok i only overdosed on a little of cocain
only if i knew that was my last day i would have sat back and watched and not shot up!
just ran away and never got addicted to my friend cocain


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  • 10 years ago

    by CY GINDLE

    Wow u deffenly know what ur talking about. cocaine will always be my one
    and only true love. and i hate it.
    read my ' You're never alone with a demon inside' you will know what its

  • 11 years ago

    by deathofme

    I love it meg

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