Little Brothers

by Kaitlyn   Mar 26, 2006

My little brothers quite the rascal
Who runs around all day
Who demands things upon things
And always gets his way

He jumps up on the tables
And screams with all his might
He'll pull and twist my hair
Or try to start a fight

He'll throw around his toys
He'll throw around his food
Or he might hand them to you politely
Just depending on his mood

He'll talk to you for ages
About things you never knew
Things that dearly bore you
But what's a boy to do?

Just when you think things are bad
Wait till he brings a friend
They both drive me crazy
A mind that will never mend

But over all this time
I've finally come to see
I love my little brother for who he is
I should just let him be


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Latest Comments

  • 11 years ago

    by sierra

    Lol my heart goes out to u cuz i have a sister like that

  • 11 years ago

    by nadsyy

    Awww this is dia mwaz xoxo