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The names nadia,
I hope u enjoy my work.
It just feels good to be able to write the feelings away.

my myspace is
add me kay!

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  • Close your eyes,
    Take my hand...

  • Lying in bed, he cries to sleep
    Cause he knows hes such a creep...

  • As i walk to school everyday i get called names.
    As i sit in class i get called fatty...

  • I don't think u know how much i love you.
    It just blew me away when you told me what you had...

  • I have a friend who hugs you
    like a blanket of wool...

Latest Quotes By nadsyy

  • You just don't understand the way I feel about you

    10 years ago
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  • For all the trouble you gave me.
    For all the times you made me cry
    I seem to keep loving you?

    11 years ago
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  • I say age is nothing but a number
    But really somtimes it makes me just wonder

    12 years ago
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