Lovely Day

by Slit*My*wrists*With*a*Broken*Heart*   Apr 8, 2006

Lovely day

the sunset gleams
the ocean breaks
the distant tower rings
this is my fate

a long awaited journey
has come to an end
this day has been lovely
all sorrows are to be on the mend

a broken heart can lead us astray
but your loving touch can heal souls
oh a lovely day
for god to take his toll

another day long gone
time has slippeth away
oh- i long for that song
sing me to sleep if you may

another night wasted on greif
the shadows crawl along the wall
take away all the pain underneith
and stand proud and tall.

no one can break you
your soul is pure gold
don\'t listren to what they tell you
just do as your told

your heart will remain the same
though the end of time
can you remember my name?
are you still mine?

how long have i been waiting
my heart calls out every night
the fear i am holding
hold my heart so tight.

i look out the window into the night sky
the stars are raining
your now gone and i ask why
is greif all that i am gaining?

the steeds trample and stomp
they call out to the morinng air
the sunset makes them stop
for they are still there

the angels of dawns
the demons of night
the dance of the swans
the stench of fright

the sun rays
the moist blades
the lazy days
the cool shades

a lovely day is it is to me
the light adn the dark collide
there is much more that i could be
than just a poison marmalide

(( bored, and it sucks, but hey.... lol))


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  • 10 years ago

    by jason

    = ) you are soo good = ( i wish i was as good as you

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