by RussianPrincess   Apr 18, 2006

Someday you'll be sorry,
Someday when your free,
Memories will remind you,
That we were meant to be.

Someday you'll look back,
And realise what you lost,
And now you'll never have me,
Was it worth the cost?

You may not think of it now,
You may not think of it then,
But keep in mind,
What we could have been.

Someday you love might be taken,
And your heart may not be free,
But when your heart is broken,
Don't come back to me.

And if in those years,
There is no happiness to recall,
Just think of when it ended,
You could of had it all.

Someday you'll need me,
Like I needed you,
Someday you'll think of me,
Like I thought of you.

Someday you'll really love me,
Like I loved you,
And that day when you want me,
I won't want you.

It'll hurt but I'll be ok,
One day I'll remember,
Why we never were.

I'll remember all the lies,
And think how I was used,
And the way you never really listened.

And in the end its for the best,
Everyone said I was better than you,
But you were to blind to see,
That I really did care.

More than anything in the world,
I loved you and told you too.

But now all the good memories,
Just float away,
One day to be forgotten.

And everytime I remember,
I'll just think of this,
I never really mattered,
To you I never really was.

I was warned not to love you,
But I did anyway,
Just to be kicked in the face with,
All your stupid lies and promises.

But who cares,
I'm over it now,
And you're just a forgotten chapter,
In the screwed up story of my life!!!


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  • 11 years ago

    by sadeyes

    Hope to talk to you:

  • 11 years ago

    by ├Truely_Spoken┤

    Isn't it great to let out your feelings on paper, you must know, because you do it very well- good write!
    if you have the chance, please check out my poem impulse
    - Words are only treasured when they are truely spoken