The Little Boy (victim of cancer)

by The Spirit of Ash   Apr 27, 2006

I saw a little boy
Running through the yards
He loved to play games
And collected many cards

A four year old innocent
Who always created fun
He'd burn out the daylight
Until the day was done

In winter when white fell
He'd run into the snow
Create snowmen and forts
And snowballs to throw

In the spring he would find
Those many colored eggs
He'd race the other kids
On those fast little legs

On a nice star filled night
A camp fire was cool
And when the summer ends
He'd be starting school

He loved little animals
And chasing frogs on hot days
He did crazy little things
And in many different ways

But when he was four
He felt no longer strong
He couldn't run anymore
So knew something was wrong

At the doctor it was clear
And there was no mistake
Cancer had taken over
That's why his leg ached

It would hurt a lot
But he didn't know why
You're sick, they would tell him
But not that he could die

Now when I see that boy
On those short little crutches
I always wanna cry
I feel some painful touches

I can't even imagine
On how it must feel
To not know what's really wrong
It all seemed so unreal...

I'm sorry to say that this is all true. A little boy I've known since birth was diagnose with cancer a couple of weeks ago. He's a friend of my little sisters, and visits only on weekends because his parents are divorced. It's so hard to look at him and not cry. And it's sad to know that I know all about his condition and what could happen, and that he hasn't a clue.


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  • 11 years ago

    by hot n horny

    Wow...this is spectacular. it's sad how something that seems so small can take a life away. you captured the emotion perfectly. i feel like i'm about to cry. it's rare to get such a masterpeice; a poem that touches your heart and makes you feel warm. well done.