Purge to perfection

by -Erin-   Apr 28, 2006

Another inch another pound.
To the bathroom she retreats
without a sound.
Finger down her throat,
After that she says shes done.
Little does she know it has just begun.

The more she looks at the pretty models in those books.
The more temptation grows.
Looking in the mirror,
fat is all it shows.
So late at night while they sleep
to the bathroom she would creep.
Ridding herself of last nights dinner.
In hopes that it would make her thinner.

Never would she admit being sick.
truth is it was a habit she couldn't kick.
Days went by she wasted away.
Now in her grave she lay,Perfection
at last.
It's just to bad her time has passed.

-I wrote this a while back,about a friend of mine.i know it's not all that great...but i try ^.^-


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  • 12 years ago

    by Miranda

    I really like this poem..i hope your friends not still throwin up & everything!