by ROB J   Feb 11, 2004

When you lose someone it's never easy to recover
I know the feeling very well cause I lost my mother
People always tell me its apart of god's plan
But I find myself asking why man

It's not just her; I've seen a lot of death since birth
Sometimes I think this world is cursed
I've seen a 5 year-old get hit by a car
I have an uncle who was shot and killed in a bar

The world is making hard to love someone cause you never know when they'll be gone
And if you ask me, that's just wrong
On the news I see infants and children dying
And way too many mothers crying

This world needs a reality check before ends
And men have a final resting place for there sins
So I say rest in peace to my loved ones and to yours as well
And please stop the violence before this world becomes a living hell


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  • 14 years ago

    by JacqueLyn

    Life is hard. I had a friend die this year, and even thow we wasnt that close, when he died, it took a lot out of me. well God works in mysterious ways. hope you ok, any time you need to talk you know where to find me. keep writing. BiG kIsS.