One year today

by Heather*-*   May 7, 2006

Today a year ago it all started
that heartache and the endless tears
when i first started really appreciating
what my dad did for me

how he only wanted the best for me
and now i'm back here
with the same tears
and the same heartache

Can't shake this sadness
its in the back of my head
and the back of my heart
just waiting to come out

i've been dreading this day
for about a year now
and now tomorrow
i haev to act like nothing is wrong in school

When i'm crying inside
and the one person who can make
me feel better and take away my sadness
isn't here to hug me and tell me its okay

no one to kiss my scraped knee
no one who calls me at night
just to see how my day was
no one who would do anything
ANYTHING just to see me smile


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  • 11 years ago

    by PammieBabe

    Would you mind telling me what this poem is about??? I don't mean to pry but...I don't know, I just feel a need to know. Its okay if you don't respond to this!