Unchained Melody

by Avrii Monrielle   Jun 15, 2006

Unchained Melody

I close my eyes and strike a key
The piano beckoning to me
Sitting on a long, smooth chair
Of the world, I do not care

White walls and clean carpet
Outside the ocean view
Music on the brink of my desire
Keys, I pray, do light my heart on fire!

A man and woman dancing in a park
Looking in each others eyes, each other's hearts
Illuminated by the moonlight, the silver moonlight
Dancing, smiling in the dark

A violin playing with a harp
Emotions fly in a battle for attention
"Bravo!" yells the clapping crowd
Both win honorable mentions

A harmonica playing sweet tunes
From a man sitting on a bridge at noon
The sun will be gone soon
He, in a happy mood

A voice singing, tears splashing
Like champagne poured straight from a bottle
River forming at her feet
But she sings a song so sweet

I close my eyes and go to sleep
Loving all of my sweet dreams
Bury my head into the pillow
An unchained, pure melody and symphony taking over me


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  • 6 years ago

    by Silent Girl

    I love the flow :) 5/5