The pain you left is more then I can explain

by I always end up killing myself in the end   Jun 17, 2006

"Dad", you weren't there,
somehow, I don't think you cared
that someday I want to know
who I truly am, 'cause now I'm confused...God Damn! you piece of shit,
you wouldn't give a crap, no matter how many times I threw a fit, you got in so many fights with "my mom", you have no idea how hard it is to stay calm, when I just want to scream forever, 'cause now my heart has been severed, I don't really miss you, nor do I miss her... however, I have very few memories, the ones I remember are terrible, to my tears they are the keys, the things that happened are memorable, in very horrible ways,
any thoughts of you break my heart,
thinking of those long ago days,
I hope we are forever apart, I really don't want you to care, you abandoned me, so long ago, which for me was not very fair, so.... I guess this is it, you fu**ing piece of sh*t, so long... and I guess, happy fathers day to the dad that wasn't there!


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