For My Godfather

by Sabrina   Jun 21, 2006

I hate June 17th, 2003,
That day the worst thing happened to me,
I came home from school and my mom told me the news about you,
Right then and there both my heart and soul were bruised,
I couldn't believe it I said its not true,
I never thought anything bad could happen to you,
My world had turned cold as I was filled with pain,
I couldn't help but cut myself day after day,
It helped to keep what was left of me sane,
I was left alone with the pain of losing you,
No one understood the feeling of having their heart ripped in two,
Because they did not love you as much as I do,
We were so close and now we are apart,
Just the thought of that makes my heart feel as if it was stricken by a dart,
All I have left now is one picture of you and I and the surplus of memories of the things we used to do,
After all of that crying and pain one thing remains true,
In life and in death I'll always love you!

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