CLosed chAptEr of my Life...

by riza   Jul 6, 2006

I thought that we won't part again
But for the 2nd time I'm mistaken
I thought that this relationship would last
But then, it just ended so fast

Thanks for all the efforts you've done
Through your patience and sacrifices I proved you're a real man
You bring out the best in you that before we can't see
Then I realized that I must know you deeply

You became an important part of me
I lived my life with you before happily
If you never felt satisfaction, well I\'m sorry
Maybe you'll be happier from them as far as I can see

Please never think that it's just nothing for me
I know, you know it's not that easy
If you think I'm living my life now happily
well I'm telling you, I'm living it badly

For all those 110 days that we've shared
Thank you for showing that you really cared
Those memories we had were incomparable
Those memories we had were unforgettable

I'm sorry for losing my grip
I'm sorry for breaking our relationship
We're still too young, and life is too long
There's still time to realize if we both belong

It's kinda hard to accept the reality
But let's not feign anymore, it's what as we can see
Even it's the story of our life that we loved the most
Still, there are certain chapters of our lives that must be closed...


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  • 11 years ago

    by not a poet

    This poem is kinda hard to understand, it almost bounces around a little...either way though excelent writting!
    keep it up!