Precious Love

by Serena   Jul 15, 2006

There is no one more precious than the one you love,
To sense youre walking on air in the clouds above.
To know there is no one more perfect, no one more wise,
Because you see the universe when you look in their eyes.

No one could possibly take their place,
When you know every curve of their fabulous face,
Their kiss can give you the greatest high,
Like soaring on wings, through the heavens youll fly.

Their gentle caress is softer than silk,
Their comforting words like mothers milk.
You could lie in their arms for the rest of your life,
Safe from your troubles, forgetting your strife

Your heart starts to race with each affectionate glance
You know loves a gamble but its worth the chance.
Without them your life would cease to matter,
Your soul would drain and your heart would shatter.

You wish time would stop whenever theyre near,
So one small second could seem like a year
Theres something about them you just cant explain,
A special hidden trait that just drives you insane

You would rather imagine wanting to die,
Than to ever think of saying goodbye
They showed you a love that you never knew,
Deep in your heart you know theyll be true

Yet, whats best of all is they make you whole.
For youve found the one to complete your soul.


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Latest Comments

  • 10 years ago

    by Nicole

    Once again WOW
    i love ur poemz. ur great.

  • 12 years ago

    by Marcus

    Wow,ummm..hmm..I dont know where to start,well this is the best poem I read yet on this site,I love the plot ,format and rhyme sceme,I feel that mabe if you broke this poem up into 4 lines each and then space,if will get more readers attetion,because poeple become overwelme when they see a huge blob of words and they usally stop or dont even read it,but great work im going check out your other work