Girl who lost her dad

by Jennifer   Jul 26, 2006

She was so excited
For today was her first day of school
She couldn't wait to make friends
And maybe learn to swim in the pool

When the day was done
She didn't want to go home
She wanted to do more stuff
And be with her new friends, not alone

The next day came
She was more excited then the first
But what she didn't know
Is that something would change her life for the worst

Her teacher got a call
The little girl saw she was sad
She went over to her and asked "what's wrong?"
The teacher said "it's about your dad"

The little girl panicked
She asked if he was okay
That's when the teacher told her
Her dad died today

You see, her dad was in the military
Defending our country
He was trying to help another wounded soldier
When he got shot by an Iraqi

The little girl went home that day
She saw her mom crying
She wasn't sure why
But she knew inside she was dying

She wasn't sure what to do
So she sat there and hugged her mom
She said "it's ok..."
"He wont be gone for long"

Her mom looked at her
With eyes wet from tears
She said "you're right honey"
"He'll always be here"


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  • 11 years ago

    by Jennifer

    Thats very sad...NICELY WRITTEN!!!