One Day

by Bursonater   Aug 3, 2006

One day when the moon is high
And the sun is low
That is when you shall find it

Beneath the full moons gaze
And the soft whisper of the trees
Under the stone that protects it proudly
Waiting, waiting

The sea is still
And the wind soft
And many foot prints on the beach

Near the glow of the fire
And the song of the birds
Watching, waiting

The stream trickling
The grass whispering
And the cave full of darkness
It lies there ready to move

When the heavens open
And the rain falls down
And the wind is in the east
That is when you shall lose it

When the rivers burst their banks
And the birds nolonger singing
The grass dull and out of life
And the rock covered in moss
That is when it leaves

No longer to be found. . .


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  • 11 years ago

    by Lenny

    Awesome!!!!! I love your work, no idea what 'it' is but the mind certainly enjoyed trying to unravel it. Great piece, beautiful descriptions and metaphors. :D :D :D

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