My own worst enemy

by george   Aug 13, 2006

My own worst enemy is over 6 feet tall. my own worst enemy trys to do it all. my own worst enemy wants to be the best he can be. my own worst enemy is plain and simply me. my own worst enemy trys his best every single day. my own worst enemy has dues he must pay. sometimes he feels alone and wants to be set free. why do i always do this to me. being harder on myself then i need to be.wanting to be a better, happier me. cutting myself down and hurting me each day. calling myself names as isend me on my way. disappointed in myself by the words others say, allowing that to get to me and ruining my day. you will never love again or never be a success, because of your energy and charisma that you take to excess. am i enough by just being me or should i be who others want me to be. if i am not enough without success or love or fame, then i will never be enough with it. my own worst enemy doesn't have to be me if can just be the best me i can be.


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  • 11 years ago

    by RainbowSlider

    I really enjoying reading that. So true. A great way to look at things.