New Life

by Hayley Marie   Aug 13, 2006

I found myself in love,
With the most amazing guy,
When we were together,
I was always on a high.

The love we shared,
Was a love so true,
There where a few times,
When we both felt blue.

Our relationship was strange,
Amazing from the start,
Then we fussed and fought,
And eventually grew apart.

Our names went well together,
Everyone said we did too,
They didnt see what I was like,
I was so mean to you.

You was mean to me,
You did it as much as I,
You made me blue,
And I made you cry.

The love I have for you,
Will never go away.
As we remember the bad times,
The good just easily stray.

Like when we used to get on a bus,
Didnt have a clue where we were going,
Or what we were going to do,
They were the days that we were glowing.

Those days fizzled out,
Like water to a flame,
We both hurt each other,
We were both to blame.

Youve got someone new babe,
And I hope you are glad,
I hope she treats you better,
Because I treated you so bad.

I want to take a walk,
To tell you I am happy for you
And I am sorry for the way I was,
I am so sorry and I wish you knew.

If I could start again,
I would change how I acted,
I would change my mood swings,
And most of the ways I reacted.

Since we parted,
Weve changed so much,
We are both different people now,
But we still keep in touch.

You have moved on honey,
And I am starting to,
I love you to pieces,
And I am pleased for you.

You are a guy that everyone wants,
I had you, love you and lost you,
You are such a nice person,
I hope she is never untrue.

Sweetie, be happy,
Neither of us deserved all that strife,
Ill always love you honey,
But we both have a new life.


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