She Cut Her Curls

by N J Thornton   Aug 20, 2006

Trees of Oak and Chestnut,
at opposing sides of my kitchen,
as I, a leaf, dwell in the centre.

A maiden, see, cut her wig
’till the carpet was adorned with curls,
and grasped within coldness, then
she ripened to step away.

For her, he held his breath,
with respect to the branches; watchful
inclined to lean their way.

His lips and the leaf’s did hug
as platinum was placed upon fingers,
and the kitchen decorated by time
was left to the newly weds.

**This poem, for the first time in a while, is actually about me. If in doubt about the meaning, please ask.**


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  • 11 years ago

    by Leslie

    I like it. your careful with your words and dont let them go lightly like so many do. the placement is thought through. that is true talent.

  • 11 years ago

    by endless tears

    Oh, a very deep poem, one of the deepest that i have ever read,
    very well done, i like it alot. great job

  • 12 years ago

    by Goran Rahim

    Oh, a very deep poem, one of the deepest that i have ever read,
    very well done, i like it alot. great job

  • 12 years ago

    by N J Thornton

    If you DIDN'T understand the poem as well as you would have liked, please read the following and I hope it helps.

    The trees describe my parents (Chestnut and Oak are from the same tree family, coincidence?) and so I am the leaf in the centre. The kitchen is believed to be the heart of the home (family/love/home etc.)

    A maiden is an unmarried woman (me). Wig means hair and she cut off her curls (representing childhood) to grow up and become independent. She’s “cold” and “ripening to step away” because she’s finding her feet without her parents but remembering she needs to be independent for a reason.

    ”He” is my Fiancé. Him holding his breath just means he is cautiously but respectfully taking me off my parents’ hands (old fashioned I know). They watchfully lean our way to give us guidance, love, and support as parents do.

    The final stanza is about getting married. My Fiancé and I get married and then the kitchen (family love) is spread to both of us as we look forward to spending time as a big family. But, at the same time my parents leave it to the newly weds to have their own life as well.

    That is more or less the full meaning of the poem. Some parts may have another or deeper meaning to you, and please got with that, but as the poet this is what I intended it to mean.

  • 12 years ago

    by *Isolde*

    Wow great poem. its really nice. keep it up. 5/5

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