A true friend

by Lisa   Mar 7, 2004

My life was alright
Till god made a change
He seemed to stop caring
He just rearranged
All the good things in life
And filled me with pain.

My heart was all cracked with the hurt from the hate
One more little tear, and I would not be late
I’d meet with my god at the heavenly gate
My family would cry, my friends hearts would bleed
My life would be over
There was no longer the need
To live my life as it was with the hurt and the hate.

I would no longer feel how I felt when I thought
About my whole life
And the fears I forgot
I hated myself
And the pain was to end
No matter what my dad said
There was no beginning again.
I couldn’t start over
There was no need.

Not a new school I thought
More pain I would suffer
As I longed to spend time with my dear loving mother.

The first day,
A new day
New faces I saw
Yet only one stood out from them all.
I saw an old friend, she showed me her way
Of dealing with life, how her pain went away.
Yet she did not care
For friends we are not
But she showed me someone who cared quiet a lot.

You were the one who came galloping forward
You showed me your pain and helped me move onward
You truly do care
And You’ll always be there
To show me a way to keep all my hair
You helped me to see that my life’s not so bad
Compared to the pain and the hate many others have had
You said that you cared and proved yourself right
Not once have we gotten into a fight.
You kept me from ending the pain the hard way
You showed me living life in a wonderful way
You assured me my soul was not doomed forever
You made me cry
Our friend ship would never
End like all the others had done once before
You said we’re best friends, and hurt I did no more.
I cried when I told you I cared just as much
And you cried as you said you had somewhat of a hunch.

I’m glad that we met
And shared all our pain
Through all of that
A new love we did gain.

I wrote this all out
Just to say Thanks
For being there always
For making me think.
Your my best friend, and that part’s no lie
After reading this poem, please do not cry.
I care for you dearly, as you have for me
I’m here for you always if friendship you need.


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  • 13 years ago

    by Shy

    you are an extremely talented poet keep it up

  • I thought this poem was pretty good. I like it because it's not so depressing as most poems are these days. I gave you a 5, please could you return the favour and read, rate and comment on my poem "god bless their souls"

  • 13 years ago

    by LostInLife!

    heya i really liked this, it was put together good, and good to read well done!
    i gave it 5

  • 13 years ago

    by hussain

    it was long but it flowed nicely. very emotional poem and one of friendship too very thoughtful of you. great poemn. keep it up.

  • 13 years ago

    by Brookeღ

    A poem so full of emotion I have had the same feeling in my life too. You can tell that this poem came from the heart. Another great poem!