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Ummm...what is there to say...I don't show emotions...cept in my poetry...although i write love poems i do not beleive in it...I can't write poetry without any insparation so although some of my poems may not apply to me the could be about my friends...i am very insightful when i feel like it...if you need advice on anything i am usually good at giving it as long as you don't mind that i may be harsh...
-I am slightly out of my mind alot of the time-lol
-p.s.- i stalk the wolf pack (Interpreted for those less intelligent) i follow the idotz who annoy every one

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Latest Poems By Shy

  • Fearfully watching
    while my mind is spinning...

  • * this is a song*
    I want your memory to be gone...

  • Blind (3)

    *This is a song*
    Your my nightmare...

  • She followed him with all her heart,
    He told her they were destined to part...

  • The days going dark
    and all my love is gone...