Little child

by Angelic Scars   Sep 4, 2006

Little child who cry\'s at night
holding on your pillow tight
to you, it seems, your life is through
you cannot feel Gods love for you
your heart is broken and you feel
as thou the peices are scattered nowhere near
your soul is heavy, your body numb
you cant seem to face what you\'ve become
your home is shattered, torn apart
no wonder why you have no heart
you can not feel anything but despair
you dont even know why you care
your mothers bitter, your father dumb
and still you love them next to none
they\'ve hurt you so, and didnt care
they didnt even see you there
yet all alone you stood the storm
but lost many things in return
faith comes hard, and so does love
your scared of everyone, especally those you love
you want to feel, you want to care
you mind knows that God is there
but your heart, so hurt, it wont believe
so scared is it to be decieved
your cares, to God, you want to cast
no longer wanting this hurt to last
so little child, ill pray for you
hoping you\'ll trust God before life is through


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