Armenian Genocide

by alex   Sep 13, 2006

Its April 24, 1915 I’m talking about
It’s our ancestors’ lives I’m talking about
It’s the blood of 1.5 million Armenians I’m talking about
Listen to me and you’ll understand what I’m talking about

16 years I didn’t know why I live far from Armenia?
Why Don’t I live in my country?
Why do I have IAN at the end of my second name but I don’t feel Armenian?
Why are a lot of my Armenian friends orphans?

Well now I got the answer
It’s the Turks fault
They are the animals who did the genocide
They are the ones who tried to end Armenians

For all of you Armenians
The 3 last letters of your last name doesn’t prove that you’re Armenian
If your just gonna sit and not do anything
Than go ahead let your dream of a great Armenia Fade Away

I’m just 16 years old, but when I see a Turk
I’ll spit at their face
I’ll ask why was the genocide
And if they believe it happened

What was the rest of the world doing when Turks were torturing Armenians?
Didn’t anybody know? Didn’t anybody notice?
Or is it that the entire world pretended that nothing was happening
Well that was the past, now let’s come to the present.

After all this, most people don’t believe the Armenian Genocide
They say nothing happened
They say its all a lie
1.5 million people being killed is just a lie

Turks are trying to get away with it
Trying to get away from the worst sin anybody has ever known
But we won’t ever give up
Our people didn’t die for nothing

They raped women, killed them in front of their children
They raped pregnant mothers, killed their husbands
Collected all Armenian books, and burnt them in the churches
They killed Armenian writers, poets and burnt their bodies in the church

This is the worst that could happen to us
And we won’t let this genocide fade away
Hope you all understood
That it’s the Turks that have to fade Away

Now that you know about the genocide
I’m sure you know how it feels
So tell me people
Do you believe in it or no?

The Armenian Genocide is true and will always be remembered, I’m and Armenian and and proud of it and I’m sure all the other Armenians are proud too, Turks tried to stop Armenians from spreading but they couldn't and never will. So if any Turks read this, I want you to know that your ancestors did the worst mistake ever.



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  • 10 years ago

    by Sarcastic Poet

    I think its great that you have a lot of Armenian Pride and your poem was really meaningful...Im Armenian myself so I know where ur coming from..