A Poets Desire

by Karen Simpson   Sep 14, 2006

Pushing through the weeds of a tormented heart
A break my stance again and slowly fall apart
Gathering myself and looking to the light
A pray for inner strength and a will to fight

Unraveling my many overdue trials of life
Wiping the slate clean from all of my past strife
Today, a dawn, the beginning of change
My options open up and continue to range

Shaking off so many burdensome weights
Priorities and issues I begin to get straight
So long have I put aside my own desires
My strength has fallen and my heart tires

Now I turn and face the oncoming storm
A challenge I long, although Ive been warned
Today a new light shines; a glare I can not resist
Much of my life was wasted; This one wont be missed


COPYWRITE Karen Simpson


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  • 11 years ago

    by nicole

    I think it's cool,

  • 11 years ago

    by Sarah

    That was sweetly uplifting (corny but descriptive words) i love reading your stuff cause i can always sit and read deeper into them but their still fun at first glance