What did i do?

by *~*LilBee*~*   Sep 26, 2006

What did I do to deserve all this shit?
What did I do to deserve all this conflict?
I have always been there for everyone
Sticking up for them even when it was just in fun

What's the point in putting yourself last,
If people are going to look down at you as you walk past?
What's the point if it just causes you more tribulations,
angst, grief and confrontations?

You of all people, you stand there and decree
Give your verdict, your judgment about me
You don't know me at all so how can you conclude
Your feelings about me depending on your mood

You didn't see me breaking inside
On the floor bleeding with no one to confide
You were all too busy talking to her, for-
You didn't see me walk out the door

You have pierced me with a thousand spears
Day after day, year after year
Betrayed, deceived, saddened and maddened
Are just some of the feelings that have landed

I refuse to stoop down to your level
I refuse to hurt, torture and meddle
Meddle in things that I know nothing about
I never want to... no not a doubt

Walking down that thoroughfare,
Walking down that path, the path to nowhere
I refused to waste any more tears
I refused to remember all those years

I feel like I am being suffocated
Pushed around and intoxicated
Struggling to get in a breath
So close now I can see my death

I can't stand all this pain, no not at all
This next time will be my last fall
Never again will I hurt again
No, not ever, not again


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