A Girls Thoughts

by BeeBeeGun   Oct 1, 2006

Can you see the sunlight rise, rise beyond all hope?
Can you see the power death wants to choke?
Can you see the fear, fear lit in her eyes?
Can you really take this and compramise?

Death beyond all feelings
Feelings of all life
Can hell bring you angels
If only this was right

Can you see the anger anger of all hope
hope to sudden death you will fall and choke
Can you see the dagger dagger of your mind
wanting to help you with this suicide

Death a slowly creeping
creeping in your mind
Is hell the reason for your thoughts
thoughts of suicide

Can you see the pain pain lit in her eyes
can you see her contemplating suicide
Can you see the music music of her voice
her voice a screaming turn off my inner child

Death has lit her life
guided her all the way
is it her time to change
or keep herself astray

Dark black fingernails hair black with a tint of red
is her book open is it that easily said
Can she change her life before it turns out worse
or should she rearange her casket for the hearse

So as she takes this breathe
this choice she made of life
she left that little note
with bloodstains on the side

" whoever reads this letter please do not cry
its not your fault im lying her in this pool of
blood tonight...Please inform my family that
its not at all there fault they tried to stop my
feelings but id rather be their ghost
im happy where im going i wont be knocked
around ill no longer feel as though ive been
stepped into the ground..and to the love of
my life you were the first for me but you
didnt take respect and you slipped away
my dignity...so as i rest here can you think
of me as they girl who thought she had courage
to stand up and speak her words but
no one took the time to listen to her frightful
turns..so look above im watching ill take care
of you like you never looked out for me
ill forgive you for everything you've done
but you just left me running..running for
courage to stand out and be myself
but nothing can stop me now from
taking pain from ones self .. bye for now
and dont be sad it wasnt ur fault that
i didnt turn out the way you planned"

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