Hes Gone

by Danielle Gagnon   Oct 9, 2006

I\\\'m Down In The Gutter
He\\\'s Got Another
And There Happy Together

Im Out Of Sight,
Im Out Of Mind
He Loves Her More
Than He\\\'ll Ever Love Me

Im Here
He Is There
There Is Nothign i Can do
But sit and wait
and hope its not true

I Know it is,
That their for real
they love forever
nothign needs to be healed

I need him here
he sang to me
he helped me feel
finally free

Sitting and waiting
Not knowing what to do
should i move on?
will i come to?

What if he calls?
then what would i do?
i need somone to help me through

as i fall to the floor
i realize that the one i adore
left me and loves someone more
i cant change that, but i wish i could
i must move on
how hard it is... its hard to feel
emotions again... when your heart hasent healed.


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