Make A Stand

by BeeBeeGun   Oct 16, 2006

Where do you turn when the one you love leaves you to cry?
When all your hope is lost between wrong and right
Where do you run when you lost your family and friends?
When all you think is whens this nightmare going to end
Where is the love when all the fights start to break?
When do you say this is all I can take?

Where is the love the freedom of thought
Instead of running around being afraid of getting caught
When will all the weaker be able to stand there ground
Instead of being teased and pushed around
Where is the freedom when you want the choice
Where is that child that can bring out their voice

Voice the words of courage, courage to overcome
Bring down the war, to protect instead of run
Voice the words of freedom to give everyone the right
To be able to stand your own ground to be able to win this fight

Where do you turn when they just want to push you on
How can you fight for your country when all hope is gone
When will they realize that war will not bring peace or hope
When will they anchor the boat and tie the final rope

What do they expect when we watch loved ones leave
Getting a note saying that they died peacefully
How can you say fighting is a peaceful way to die
Why do they keep feeding us these stupid lies?
If we all had the choice If we all had the right
We'd put an end to these world war fights

Sons and Dads leaving to fight in the war
Helpless kids left wondering why
Why their heart has an empty space
Why their loved ones had to die

Cant you see we are fighting for nothing but hate
How much do you think one family can take

Let the children have their parents
Don't let the children lose their hope
Give in all forgiveness let the world at peace
Anchor the final boat and tie the last rope

Give the children back their lives
Give the wifes back all their loves

Amen to another forgiveness
Amen for the war to stop
Amen to the children's futures
Don't leave it until another life's lost

We all want a brighter future
We all want a clearer path
So turn on the lights and lead us
Instead of leaving us hanging so far

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