Dont Be Afraid

by jose   Oct 23, 2006

Why be afraid,
there will come a day
were u will have to open your heart
and it will all start,
feelings you are scared of
feeling you hide month to month,
feeling you hide deep inside of you
feeling that will make u ask urself what to do,
dont be scared to let that special someone inside
but dont rush it take your time,
he will be able to understand
that u are not the one to blame,
for the feelings that you feel
those feelings that kill,
feelings that u had
feelings that make u sad,
feelings that make u hurt so bad
feeling that get u mad,
feeling that will eventually make u cry
cause with all those feelings come memories,
memories that made their presence last
memories u wished u left in the past,
memories u wished u had eraced
memories u wished u had misplaced,
memories u dont want to think about
memories that make u just want to shout,
memories that will stay
memories you think day by day,
memories that will never leave
memories that will be with u untill the last day u live,
so dont be afraid
because there will come a day.....


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