Young Mom- Teenage Pregnacy

by melody eyes   Nov 13, 2006

She lays on her back
watches the clouds fly by
patting her tummy
her little baby guy

her family had thrown her out
her friends had left her cold
now all she had was her man
for her baby she must b bold

she knew it might happen
for she took some silly risks
condom's feel funny she'd say
just so it would b a bliss

her man wouldn't leave her side
he took her hand and said
this baby is going to b a champ,
it'll be always clothed and fed

she was still at school full time
she decided that she would stay
soon people started talking
and the rumors started to play

why didn't she have an abortion
could you kill a part of you?
that you made with someone you love
someone that loves you too?

This girl was silly and got a baby
it was never planned at all
but now she has a baby boy
and shes still keeps standing tall


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